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For a copy of the Net Officials Duties please see Net Duties and Responsibilities

For a copy of the Net Preamble, please see Preamble and Procedure

For a copy of the Net Operating Guidelines, please see Guidelines

For the Covid-19 page and info, please see the Covid-19 page

For the New RF Exposure Operating Guidelines, please see the RF-Exposure page

For Info covering the New ARRL NTS Version 2 communications and traffic handling subjects please see ARRL NTS 2

For training covering emergency communications and traffic handling subjects please see RRI-Training

For a copy of a Training Manual for Traffic Handlers, please see Training Traffic Handlers

For a copy of an ARRL Radiogram and it's instructions, as well as the

ARRL Numbered Messages, please see Radiogram and ARRL Messages and RRC International Messages

For an Adobe Fillable Radiogram click here.  (You have to save the filled out form to a file on your computer for printing or emailing as an attachment)

For a copy of the SC SSB "Canned" Messages, please see SC Messages

For OLDER copies of SC SSB "Canned" Messages please see OLD SC SSB "Canned" Messages

For ZIP Codes of Frequent Traffic Originators Requires Adobe Reader see Traffic Handler Zip Codes

If you receive a new message that is not in the list,  please send a copy to the WEBMASTER

Updated 4 / 2 / 24