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1958    BRIEF HISTORY     Present


            Amateur single sideband operating began in South Carolina during the mid 1950s.  Discussions and occasional informal net sessions were held on sideband.  The first official net session was held on April 7, 1958, with K4EGI, Fred Shealy; K4MVO, Robert Phillips; W4VJI, Ben Bledsoe; W4LNI, Bob Poole; W4OHN, James Thompson; W4HMG, Mack McGraw; W4FFH, John Warner; and W4TWW, Coleman Rowland, in attendance.


            The basic purposes of the net are (a) fellowship, (b) advancement of the radio art, (c) traffic.  The South Carolina Single Sideband Net is a NTS (National Traffic System) Section level net and affiliated with the American Radio Relay League National Traffic System.


            The net has served as an emergency net on several occasions, the most recent during “HURRICANE HUGO” in 1989.  The net was activated at 1530Z on September 21st and continued until 0301Z on September 29th.  

The net was in session for 131 hours, with 31 net control stations, recruited from South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia.  Net members have participated in Simulated Emergency Tests 

and supported Amateur Radio Week or Amateur Radio Day, as proclaimed by the Governor of South Carolina.  In 1963, the net sponsored “Operation 22”, an effort of the Crippled Children’s Society.


            A “Net Roster” has been published since the inception of the net, with several title changes.  Changes in membership and procedures have been made to keep the roster current and the net operating more efficiently.  In an effort to keep the roster even more current than in the past, in 2009 the roster was moved to the "" website, where it is under continuous update and revision.

            The success of any net depends upon the work and efforts of it’s individual members.  We do not have membership dues, but solicit donations to defray the costs of publishing and mailing the net rosters to members and newcomers to the net without e-mail, and to defray the costs of this website, "".  If you would care to make a donation, please make any check payable to the "SCSSB Net" and send it to:

Sue Sabin
           210 E. Park Ave.
                   Greenville, SC, 29601

            All South Carolina Single Sideband Net Members are urged to do our fair share to support the net, uphold the net goals and purposes, and to be prepared to meet the challenges which face Amateur Radio today.