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Net Official and NCS

In order to help protect their personal information, such as their telephone number and/or their e-mail address
from the internet spiders, we are using a password protected PDF file with the printable Net Official and NCS information.

You can print directly from your Browser/Adobe Reader and you can save it to a file, but you
will need to use the Password to open the file you saved.

So you don't have to remember the password, we are including it on this page as a graphic to keep it from being
read by the spiders.  Just be sure to type it in when you are prompted when you open the Net Official and NCS file.

The password is:

Type it in using both numbers, space and capitalization as shown.
That's three nine one five, space, little "k", capital "H", little"z"


To view the Net Official and NCS, please see Net Officials and NCS