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The Current center section of my Console

The Right side of the console

The NEW layout for the Left side of the Console


And Upper

Some Pics of the "Beast" as I named it.



The new plate transformer and Plate Voltage (3910 VDC, on a Fluke 27/FM and a 80k-6 HV Probe) Meter shows 3850v but was set at 3900,
line variations make this change by a hundred or so volts. The MFGR. has a QC problem and I can't recommend you use it.


New Cooling fan for the PS area

The newly added power and HV Connections to the External PS Module

And the Finished external PS Module with the 2 Recovered Transformers

And it all working together

I can now Say I OWN a ETO/Alpha Amplifier

The  Alpha 76

A Autek WM-1 mod to replace the Misc MFR RF Power Switch with a  2p3t ( on-off-on ) toggle switch, works a treat