ICS 213 General Message Form

The ICS213 message form used by FEMA and a number of served agencies is not in a format that is easily handled by amateur radio message handlers.   Also, the ARRL message form used by amateur radio operators is totally alien the the served agencies and only serves to confuse them.  Therefore there a number of methods that have been tried to sucessfully merge the two systems.  Please do a Google search for ICS213 ARES to review a few.  The following links provide some of the info that you may need:

ICS 213 Form
Completing the ICS213 Form
Berkley Co. SC Form 213ARES
Berkley Co. Form 213ARES Instructions
Scott Co ARES, MN ICS213 Instructions

These are but a few.  Please note that as mentioned in the QST, Sept. 2015, SATERN article, there have been many different attempts to adapt the Form213 for SSB usage, with mixed results.  ICS 213 is best passed using Winlink or other digital modes with error correcting protocols.

Have fun with ICS 213 and hopefully some day we will have a SC wide accepted format.