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Good Evening All,
It is my sad duty to report that the MCP and its contents have been stolen.
Jim Gifford called me at 12:33 PM today (Saturday, July 6th) and reported that the MCP and one of his small trucks had been stolen from his parking/storage lot of his business yesterday.
  From what he can tell at this point, the thieves gained entrance to the lot from the backside of the property via the chain link fence.  They then took one of his small trucks and attached
 it to the MCP (after destroying the hitch lock).  Then drove off the lot through the fence (not the gate).
A police report has been filed.  Notifications to other clubs regarding the theft is underway as are announcements on several local repeaters.
  We will further publicize the theft on amateur radio-related websites.
I am reviewing photos of the radios and such that I took a while back to verify that our list of equipment and associated serial numbers is correct.
  Once done, that information will be attached to the police report and then on into the pawn shop system which primarily tracks by serial numbers.
The Field Day radios were still in their containers in the MCP as were the normal, cabinet-mounted radios, the two Honda generators, and the recently-filled propane tanks.
  The two Dell laptops were NOT in the MCP but at my home so they are safely under lock and key.
The Chattanooga Police Department informed us that there has been a rash of trailer thefts over the last few weeks…more volume that would likely be disposed of locally.
  So we don’t really know if the MCP was targeted deliberately because of its likely content or if the theft was simply a somewhat random and unfortunate theft of a trailer.
We are requesting that you actively watch, listen, review websites (like eBay, Craig’s List, etc.), and be watchful for the club’s gear and the MCP itself.
  I will publish a list of the stolen gear including model numbers shortly.  Please do all you can to get the word out...the more eyes and ears the better.
Jim Knight, our treasurer will be reviewing the club’s insurance with the agent on Monday.  After that, we’ll know more of the next steps.
We'll let you know more as more information becomes available.
Gary Ownsby, AK4ZX
President 2019


New Info as of 7/12/19
Here is a downloadable or printable PDF Document with Photo's of the equipment.

Good Morning George,

Thank you for your email and willingness to help us.  We have a bit of good news to report.  We recovered our comm trailer this past Sunday morning thanks to the story being aired
 on our local media partner for TV, WRCB TV 3.  A viewer contacted the station and also sent a photo of the trailer in the same location from where it was recovered.

We did have some equipment losses as the thieves cut off one of our padlocks and gained entry.  They did a quick snatch & run on some of the easier to remove items but we did
 recover the trailer with minimal damage.  Interestingly, they replaced the cut lock with their own.  We're sure they intended to return and finish the job.  A quick list is shown below.

Our club is trying its best to turn this unfortunate "lemon" event into lemonade.  We're truly awed by the response to our call for help.  Just goes to show you that there are lots of good
 people in the world.  The Chattanooga Police Department has been very cooperative and is actively searching for our stolen gear
 (HF radios, D-STAR radio, and two tri-fuel, Honda generators).

Thank you again.

Gary Ownsby, AK4ZX
President 2019
Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club
Kenwood TS-450 HF Radio     1                
Yaesu FT-1000MP HF Radio     1               
Icom IC-2820H     1                                                   1501030        12105        
Honda Generator Model EU6500IS1T      1     EASJ-1216612        12102      $               3,287.00     With Tri-Fuel Modification
Honda Generator Model EU2000T1A1     1     EACT-1089825                       $                 930.00     With Tri-Fuel Modification