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Info for Sam Holloway KK4HCF

12 / 28 / 19  Update
Here is the latest info on Sam Holloway, KK4HCF.

Hi folks,
I contacted Sam Holloway today after many attempts. Conditions have not improved at all. Here is the latest info.
Sam is at home in Maryville now. He is taking 8 more radiation treatments. One every day Monday thru Friday.
Doctors are not giving him much hope for any improvements for the paralyzed legs. They said the longer he goes like
 he is, the longer it will take for feeling to return. Not a good report to say the very least. Meanwhile, Sam is in pretty
good spirits, hoping and praying for some improvement as time goes on. I have a card ready to go out on Monday,
 and know he would appreciate one from his ham family.  He is going to contact me with any information he gets
as this goes along. I hope some of our folks will send good wishes to him.

KK4HCF - Sam
Samuel N. Holloway
838 Tipton Dr.
Maryville, TN 37803
(865) 363-1970

Thanks to you all,