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How to join or make donations to the SC SSB Net

There are only two requirements to becoming a member of the SC SSB Net.

First, you need to check-in to the Net on a somewhat regular basis, as in several times a month or more and to be willing to accept traffic for your area.

The second requirement is to furnish your information to me, so that it can be added to the directory.
What we need is:
            Your Callsign
Your full name as it appears on your license
            Your Nickname as used on the air
            Your MAILING address, including Street address or PO Box, City, State and ZIP
            Your telephone number, which can be a cellphone if you prefer
            Your e-mail address
If you would prefer that your telephone and/or e-mail not be listed in the directory, please let me know
and I will make sure it does not appear.  I would like this info so that I can contact you with updates or questions.

To make it easier, please complete the online Application Form and click on the Submit button
or you can snail-mail the completed form to me at the address shown below.  This works with Internet Explorer and Opera as is.  It will work with Firefox if you set Adobe Reader as default Portable Document Format (PDF) under Tools/Options.  Google Chrome needs to have Adobe Reader enabled as default PDF Reader (chrome://plugins/) for it to work correctly.

We do not have membership dues, but solicit donations to defray the costs of publishing and mailing the net rosters to members and newcomers to the net without e-mail, and to defray the costs of this website,  If you would care to make a donation, please make any check payable to the "SCSSB Net" and send it to:
            Suzanne Cullom
            1907 Effies Lane
            Florence, SC, 29505